Allocation of resources

SNIC has established policies and guidelines for application-based allocation of resources. The guidelines include the responsibilities for SNAC (the allocation committee), the types of allocations, the principles for allocation, the eligibility criteria for applicants, the required application information, the organisation of the evaluation and allocation procedures, reporting, and dissemination.

SNAC's policy and work for allocation of resources are in line with the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådets, VR) strategies and policies for grants for research and research infrastructure.

Additionally, SNIC policies are aligned with the agreement between Uppsala University and VR, possible agreements for national and international collaborations, as well as practices for resource allocation and scheduling implemented by the SNIC partner centres.

SNIC Allocation Policy:

SNIC Guidelines

Laws and regulations that concern usage of SNIC resources

Swedish law applies to all usage of SNIC's resources.
This includes laws concerning e.g.: GDPR and Export of Dual-use goods.

Last modified: 2023-01-20