Söderköpings brunn, November 2022

Presentations from the SNIC Conference 2022:

SNIC, Ingela Nyström


NAISS, Björn Alling, Video, Audio
NAISS, Matts Karlsson, Video, Audio
NAISS DC Facility, Niclas Andersson, Video, Audio

The National HPC Landscape

Compute at MAX IV, Marjolein Thunnissen
NBIS, Bengt Persson
InfraVis, Anders Ynnerman
DDLS, Mathias Brännvall
WASP, Anders Ynnerman

Status report from working groups and activities within SNIC

SNIC Application Experts, Henric Zazzi
SUPR SAMS, Thomas Svedberg
Multi-factor Authentication, Nils Daniels


Auditorium; Anna Jänis, LiU
Björn Alling
Björn Alling, LiU
Dirk Pleiter
Dirk Pleiter, KTH

Henric Zazzi
Henric Zazzi, KTH

Ingela Nyström
Ingela Nyström, SNIC

Jonas Lindemann
Jonas Lindemann, LU

Elisabeth Larsson
Elisabeth Larsson, UU

Lars Nordström
Lars Nordström, the SNIC Office

Mats Granath
Mats Granath, GU

Matts Karlsson
Matts Karlsson, LiU

Mikael Carp
Mikael Carp, KI

Niclas Andersson
Niclas Andersson, LiU

Paolo Bientinesi
Paolo Bientinesi, UmU
Thoms Svedberg
Thomas Svedberg, Chalmers
Nils Daniels
Nils Daniels, the SNIC Office


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