General Assembly

The SNIC General Assembly consists of representatives from all members of the SNIC consortium.
SNIC is organisationally a part of Uppsala University. The General Assembly proposes members of the SNIC Board, who are then formally appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Uppsala University.

The delegates of the General Assembly, as of January 2021, are:

Anders Hagfeldt, UU (chairman)
Lars Börjesson, CTH
Göran Landberg, GU
Ulf Nilsson, LiU
Marianne Sommarin, UmU
Maria Knutson Wedel, SLU
Astrid Söderberg-Widding, SU
Karin Dahlman-Wright, KI
Mikael Östling, KTH
Viktor Öwall, LU

SNIC Board of Directors.

The SNIC Board of Directors is the managing body of SNIC and is responsible for overall strategic issues.

SNIC Office

The SNIC Office is an executive body that enters into agreements with the partners regarding the delivery of resources and services, projects and activities and the overall SNIC collaboration.
The office acts as project owner and contributes to defining and steering the projects and activities in SNIC, while the day-to-day coordination of projects is normally done by staff from the SNIC centres.

The SNIC Office is hosted by Uppsala University and is located at campus Polacksbacken.

Last modified: 2021-10-06