Application and System Experts

SNIC has a large number of highly qualified applications and systems experts in order to ensure efficient use of SNIC resources throughout all scientific diciplines.

Experts and their fields of expertise

Expert Fields
Anders Sjöström GPU computing, MATLAB, General programming, Technical acoustics
Anna Lewinschal Climate research
Arash Alizad Banaei Fluid dynamics
Artem Zhmurov Computational physics
Björn Claremar Meteorology, Geoscience
Christian Blau Molecular dynamics
Diana Iusan Computational materials science, Performance tuning
Douglas Scofield Bioinformatics, programmes
Prof. Erik Lindahl EuroHPC, PRACE
Frank Barmkamp Computational fluid dynamics
Fredrico Elias-Wolff Molecular dynamics
Hamish Struhters Climate research
Henric Zazzi Bioinformatics
Jerry Eriksson Parallel programming, HPC
Joachim Hein Parallel programming, Performance optimisation
Johan Hellsvik Material sciences
Johan Raber Computational chemistry, Material sciences
Jose Miguel de la Rosa Trevin Cryo-EM
Lars Eklund Chemistry, Data management, FAIR, Sensitive data
Lilit Axner PRACE
Marcus Lundberg Computational science, Parallel programming, Performance tuning
Matias Piqueras Humanities, social sciences
Michaela Barth EuroHPC/PRACE
Mirko Myllykoski Parallel programming, GPU programming, NLAFET, MPI
Nikita Singh Imaging and AI
Paul Bauer Molecular dynamics
Pavlin Mitev Computational materials science
Pedro Ojeda May Classic molecular dynamics, Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics
Peter Kjellström HPC/Parallel computation
Rickard Armiento Computational materials science
Stefan Fleischmann Cryo-EM
Szilard Pall Molecular dynamics
Torben Rasmussen Computational chemistry
Uwe Fladrich Climate research, EC-Earth
Wei Zhang Computational science, Parallel programming, Performance optimisation
Weine Olovsson Computational materials science
Xavi Aguilar AI
Xin Li Electron structures
Zilvinas Rinkevicius Electron structures
Åke Sandgren Computational science
Last modified: 2022-10-03