HPC2N, UmeƄ University


Kebnekaise is an HPC Linux cluster with multi-core nodes, large memory nodes, GPU-nodes and nodes with Intel Knights Landing. The cluster was introduced during the summer of 2016, and has later been expanded to the current configuration.

The cluster has:

  • 432 nodes with Intel Broadwell E5-2690v4, 2x14 cores, 128 GB/node
  • 20 nodes, 3TB/node, Intel Broadwell E7-8860v4, 4x18 cores
  • 32 nodes with 2x NVIDIA K80; 4 nodes with 4x NVIDIA K80; 128 GB/node 
  • 36 nodes, Intel Knights Landing; 7250 SKU (68 cores, 1.4 Ghz/1.2 Ghz/AVX), 192 GB/node.
  • 52 nodes with Intel Skylake Gold 6132 2x14 cores, 196 GB/node
  • 10 GPU Volta nodes with Intel Skylake Gold 6132 2x14 cores, 2xNvidia V100 (2x5120 CUDA, 2x640 Tensor), 192 GB/node
  • InfiniBand EDR/FDR interconnect

Mass storage
The Centre Storage, DDN Lustre, has over 3PB of spinning disk and about 200TB of Flash storage. The computing facilities at HPC2N include hardware and software suitable for mass storage and retrieval. More information concerning available options for mass storage can be obtained directly from HPC2N.

Kebnekaise has been decided to be kept in production through 2022-12-31.

For more information regarding HPC2N, including locally available resources, visit the HPC2N web pages at http://www.hpc2n.umu.se.

Last modified: 2022-07-05