SNIC Compute Small

SMALL allocations are available via an annual round (1 January - 31 December).
SMALL allocations can be requested at any time during this period via SUPR.

This category targets individual researchers and research groups that are not familiar with using HPC resources and would like to build experience and install applications. Also existing SNIC projects that would like to get acquainted with other compute platforms can make use of this category.

An application for a SMALL allocation has an upper limit of core hours/month that can be requested, as indicated by the Limit column in the table below.

The table below summarises the SNIC resources that are available for SMALL allocations. The unit used is core hours/month (ch/m).

Resource Total 2021 Upper limit
Dardel (from August) 850 000 5 000
Kebnekaise Large Memory
200 000
  40 000
5 000
5 000
Rackham 1 000 000 5 000
Tetralith 200 000 5 000

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How to apply for SNIC Compute Small allocations

Please begin by reading the general information on how to apply for allocations on SNIC resources, where information about e.g. eligibility, how to fill in the mandatory Activity report, and acknowledging SNIC is provided.

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SMALL allocations are subject to technical evaluation.

Last modified: 2021-03-18