SNIC Compute Medium

MEDIUM allocations are available via an annual round (1 January - 31 December). MEDIUM allocations can be requested at any time during this period via SUPR.

MEDIUM allocations are normally not granted for projects that have a LARGE allocation.

This category is for allocations up to a maximum size (core hours/month). The maximum size of a MEDIUM allocation varies between resources, as can be seen in the limit column in the table below. The total size of all MEDIUM allocations granted to you may at most amount to 150%. For example, 80% of the maximum size of a MEDIUM allocation of one resource and 70% of the maximum size of a MEDIUM allocation of another resource.

The table below summarises the SNIC resources that are available for MEDIUM allocations. The unit used is core hours per month (ch/m), except for Alvis where the measure used is GPU-h/month.

Resource Total 2022  Upper limit
Alvis 390 000 20 000
Dardel 9 000 000 200 000
Kebnekaise Large Memory
     2 000 000
          50 000
​   200 000
     10 000
Rackham 3 500 000 200 000
Tetralith     11 500 000    200 000

How to apply for MEDIUM allocations

Please begin by reading the general information on how to apply for allocations on SNIC resources, where information about e.g. eligibility, how to fill in the mandatory Activity report, and acknowledging SNIC is provided.

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MEDIUM allocations are subject to technical evaluation.

Last modified: 2022-01-17