Apply for access to SNIC resources

SNIC provides a set of resources to meet the needs of researchers from all areas of science. The resources are made available through open application procedures such that the best Swedish research is supported.

List of available computing resources

To apply for SNIC recourses you have to fulfill the criteria for applicants for the type of allocation in question.


SNIC uses an online application database, SUPR - SNIC User and Project Repository ( for applications for compute time or storage capacity.

An allocation is in the form of computing hours (processor core hours) per calendar month or Tebibyte (TiB) of storage.

Apply for a project allocation on one or more SNIC resource
It is important that your application includes intended usage and the characteristics of the storage or compute resources and application software that will be used. In case of doubt, consult the SNIC office or the support staff at the SNIC-affiliated centers to get assistance in choosing the correct resources.

An application that gets a positive evaluation receives a project allocation 
Once an application has been approved, a project will be established on the resources on which allocations are granted. The applicant will be responsible (PI) for this project and must keep an overview of the usage of the allocation(s). The PI must specify and approve which users are allowed to use the project allocation. The PI must ensure that the allocation(s) are used only for the activities that are specified in the application that was approved. The project allocation is shared by all users that are connected to the project.

SNIC reserves the right to grant a project allocation that differs from the request in the application. Requested allocations may be reduced in size or be assigned to another resource. Requested allocations may also be altered if it appears to be too large and/or the size of the allocation is not sufficiently motivated. A request may also be merged with another request or existing allocation in case the research activities (and or groups) are the same or very similar.

The SNAC policy for allocation of resources can be found here. 

Acknowledgement for the use of SNIC resources

The number of published research articles is a common way to assess the impact and success of scientific work. It is also an important end-point when taking decisions regarding e.g. funding. SNIC therefore explicitly requests the acknowledgement of SNIC in scientific publications that required the use of SNIC resources, services or expertise.
Papers, presentations and other publications that feature work that relied on SNIC should include an acknowledgement.

SNAC has defined the following template for such acknowledgement: 

"The computations/data handling/[SIMILAR] were/was enabled by resources provided by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) at [SNIC CENTRE] partially funded by the Swedish Research Council through grant agreement no. 2018-05973"

If applicable, also add an acknowledgement for application support:

"[NAME] at [SNIC CENTER] is acknowledged for assistance concerning technical and implementational aspects [OR SIMILAR] in making the code run on the [OR SIMILAR] [SNIC CENTER] resources."


"We thank [NAME] at [SNIC CENTER] for [his/her] assistance with [describe tasks such as porting, optimization, etc.], which was made possible through application support provided by SNIC."