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Call for Proposals for use of Swedish High Performance Computing Resources, DEADLINE October 24 at 3 PM


This call regards applications for large scale allocations effective Jan 1, 2013


The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), has been given the task of coordinating and developing high end computing capacity for
Swedish research. The SNIC computer resources are hosted by the member centers.

The Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC), which is responsible to SNIC will issue calls for proposals regarding large scale allocations
every 6 months. The present call regards applications for allocations effective Jan 1, 2013.

How to apply

Please NOTE that there was a NEW application system introduced in the round for Spring 2012, so this might be the first time that you are
using it. We would like to advice you to start entering your data well before deadline just in case you run into difficulties.

We kindly request that you carefully read the detailed instructions available at before submitting
your application. Please note that the publications list is now requested as a separate file, not as a part of the PI´s CV.

The on-line proposal system represents a unified application form for all national HPC resources and it is located at

The national application procedure for HPC resources allows for coordinated review of proposals, optimized use of the available
resources, as well as a unified application procedure. Note that resources can be requested at one or more centers in the same application.

Please also note these changes from last round:

*Triolith at NSC has been enlarged

*The NHPC system Gardar is available for application in this round

*Some restrictions apply for the use of Lindgren at PDC

SNAC also asks for acknowledgements formulated:

/The computations/simulations/[SIMILAR] were performed on resources provided by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC)

If applicable, also add:

NN at [CENTER-ACRONYME] is acknowledged for assistance
concerning technical and implementational aspects [OR SIMILAR]
in making the code run on the [OR SIMILAR] [CENTER-ACRONYME] resources./


Proposed projects will be reviewed by the Swedish National Allocations Committee (SNAC). The proposals will be evaluated from both a scientific
and a technical perspective.


The deadline for SNAC proposal submission is October 24 2012 at 3 PM.
At that time, all access to the on-line application system will be closed. Incomplete or late proposals will be discarded.

Sep 24, 2012 16:30

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