SNAC - Swedish National Allocations Committee

The SNIC resource allocation committee (SNAC) is an independent body that is responsible for evaluating proposals for access to the SNIC resources and for assigning allocations.

SNAC uses the SNIC Allocation Policy in allocation of compute time and abides by the agreement between Uppsala University and VR, as well as possible agreements for national and international collaborations.

SNAC Members

Present committee members:

  • Philipp Schlatter, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology (chair)
  • Mattias Marklund, Chalmers University
  • Lynn Kamerlin, Uppsala University
  • Johan Revstedt, Lund University
  • Kersti Hermansson, Uppsala University (temporary member)
  • Ermin Malic, Chalmers University (temporary member)

SNAC Working Group

SNAC is assisted by the SNAC Working Group, which is responsible for evaluation of technical feasibility of proposals and assists in the administration of projects for SNIC SMALL, SNIC MEDIUM and SNIC LARGE

The SNAC Working Group consists of the SNAC chairman and one member from each SNIC partner center: 

  • Philipp Schlatter, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Chair SNAC
  • Anders Sjöström, LUNARC
  • Thomas Svedberg, C3SE
  • Peter Münger, NSC
  • Henric Zazzi, PDC
  • Marcus Holm, UPPMAX
  • Jerry Eriksson, HPC2N
  • Dejan Vitacil, PDC (Swestore)
  • Jens Larsson, NSC (Swestore)